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The Little Engineers Team believe that as practitioners, we build up expertise in how young children learn and how each child operates within our setting. But it is the parent who knows their child best, and unless there is a sharing of information between practitioners and parents, a child's learning needs will be neither fully understood nor, ultimately, met.

A trusting and warm relationship between key worker and parents begins with the initial contact meeting, and it is crucial that, from the start, parents understand that staff value their knowledge and understanding of their child.

Here are some testimonials from a few parents:

"Always a lovely warm welcome when I drop off my little one. I leave for work confident that my daughter is in good hands and well cared for. The little engineers team go that extra mile to ensure the nursery is a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for the children in their care. Keep up the good work!" Parent 1

"My daughter started in the baby room a week after her 1st birthday, she settled in seamlessly with her key worker during her initial sessions and now has a great relationship with most of the permanent staff members. The staff feedback very thoroughly at the end of each day which I find very reassuring as are the news letters which are emailed out regularly.

My daughter is now nearly a year and a half and from the way she grabs her back pack in the morning, eager to leave for nursery, to the rhymes she merrily recites on the way home, she seems to be very happy at little engineers and is thriving in this cosy ‘home from home’ environment. I would highly recommend this nursery as I like their professionalism, processes and personable practice when dealing with my daughter and I. "
Parent 2