Little Engineers Nursery

Little Engineers Nursery

Our Day

A Day in the Life at Little Engineers Nursery

Here at Little Engineers, we believe that children are special and that each family is unique. We aim to provide the children with a consistent routine.

We ensure that we meet the needs of the children by providing each child with a key worker. The key worker gets to know the child’s developmental needs, likes and dislikes, and plans accordingly. When we plan for each child we aim to provide them with exciting and thought provoking activities that will enhance their learning needs in a happy environment.

We value and celebrate cultural diversity by celebrating festivals through activities and circle time.


A typical morning at Little Engineers, starts off with free play while we wait for all the children to arrive by 9am, at the latest. Once the children have arrived we sit down for circle time. Children are not forced to participate in circle time; only those who wish to join in can do so. Circle time introduces the theme, book, shape and festival of the week. This is a time where we really indulge in getting the most out of children’s communication and language through singing, reading and asking open ended questions.

After circle time, the children go off for some more free play. At 10 am rolling snack is provided for the children. The children are presented with a small selection of either fruit, vegetable sticks, bread sticks, crackers or rice cakes. The children are asked whether they would like water or milk and are encouraged to pour for themselves, with the help of staff.

After snack time, key workers will tend to carry out adult led activities for their key children where they will observe and note down developmental mile stones that may be achieved.

Lunch time

At 11.15am, the children sit down for group times, where the keyworker will have a specific aim for the group. This will be like a small circle time. Lunch commences between 11.30-11.45am. The children are always served hot food for lunch accompanied by a dessert.

Sleep Time

Sleep time is after lunch. Some children will go down for a nap in the ‘Living Room’ and some children go home at 1pm.


In the afternoons we sit down for another circle time to welcome the children who come in at 1pm. At 3.30pm the children will sit down for tea time where they will be served light foods.

Outdoor Play

The children are allowed to go outside whenever they ask to go out. We ensure that each child has a minimum for 30 minutes outside in the fresh air every day.