Little Engineers Nursery

Little Engineers Nursery

Little Engineers First Graduation Ceremony

On Friday 20th July 2018, Little Engineers saw 16 of their children graduate.

After the typical technical difficulty, we were able to start the Graduation Ceremony. The Engine Room hall was packed with the smiles of supportive parents, family and friends.

The ceremony started off with Cheyenne, the Nursery Manager and Rahme, the Deputy Nursery Manager giving a speech. They both spoke of how proud they were of the graduates and how honoured they were that they were part of this important milestone. They expressed their gratitude to parents with their patience and support received from the beginning when the Nursery first opened.

Next was the ceremony. We listened to the graduation music play and on the screen played a presentation showing the graduates with their names and 3-4 pictures of them with one of them wearing a hat and gown. The children came in one by one through a gold foil curtain and some collected their certificate and envelope from Cheyenne, while some children ran past to their loved ones in the audience.

The last child came through and sadly it was the end of the graduation. The programme finished with a last thank you, and was accompanied by tasty refreshments in the Engine Room garden. It was a nice moment watching families mingle and eat.